Bassivity Digital offers a wide range of top-tier media production facilities. Among its assets are specialized music and film studios tailored for high-fidelity production. A notable feature is the Dolby Atmos studio, designed to meet exacting audio standards for the most discerning projects. Moreover, the inclusion of an Unreal Engine studio highlights Bassivity's commitment to embracing contemporary technologies. Collectively, these resources underline the company's dedication to delivering immersive, professional-grade content to its clientele.
Dolby Atmos Bassivity 10 studio

Bassivity Studios offers a comprehensive suite of audio production services tailored to meet the diverse requirements of our clientele. Our portfolio includes a full spectrum of sound engineering tasks, from initial mixing to the final stages of mastering. Our facilities are highlighted by the exclusive presence of the region’s only Dolby Atmos certified studio, which enables us to deliver immersive mixing for music, television, and cinematic projects.

Our team of sound engineers brings an invaluable depth of over a decade of industry experience, ensuring professional-grade results that achieve international acclaim. The songs refined in our studios enjoy a global presence, evidencing the quality of our output.

Located in the vibrant core of downtown Belgrade, our eight studios are constructed according to the highest industry standards, reflecting our commitment to providing an exceptional production environment. Bassivity Studios is not just about the space—it's about providing a service that ensures our clients' projects are realized to their fullest potential, across any medium and on any stage the world over.

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