Crni Cerak

Crni Cerak, in it current line up, formed in 2021 and their song CC #2 was used in the hit series Južni vetar. By mid 2022 they had made their way to the main stages of summer festivals - EXIT, Sea Dance and Belgrade Music Week, making them the first artists to record such a meteoric rise in popularity, creating an extremely loyal fanbase along the way. Each of the members have their own followings and release music outside of the group. They were involved in the film ‘Indigo kristal’ both creating music and acting.  

Relja Despotović — Seksi (rapper, songwriter)
Đorđe Bibić — Biba (rapper, songwriter)
Lacku - Dimitrije Spirovski (rapper, songwriter and producer)
Miljan Rogošić — Armani (lat. "Ourmoney") (rapper, songwriter)
Andrija Đorđević — Bandra (rapper)