Mimier Makeup
Mirta Miler

Mirta Miler, known globally as ‘Mimiermakeup’ captivated the world with her amazing makeup transformations, amassing over 17.5 million TikTok followers and 1.4 million IG followers from around the world - the first to achieve this level of success for a content creator from the Balkans and is now one of the most followed makeup influencers on TikTok in the world. 

Her rapid rise to fame is a testament to her extraordinary talent for makeup and her ability to connect with people worldwide.

In addition to her TikTok prominence, she was nominated for the 2022 'About You Awards', acted in 'The Outsiders', featured in a music video for Marco Cuccurino and performed as the Joker on the show 'Masked Singer'. 

Mirta's unwavering authenticity and her commitment to pushing creative boundaries have been central to her success. 

As a prominent influencer she has been an ambassador for L'Oreal, Samsung, Nova Beauty and Adidas while also being personally selected by Kylie Jenner to promote Kylie Cosmetics