Andrija Milivojević

Andrija Milivojević, better known as WajWai, is one of the most popular and followed video content creators and artists from Serbia. With more than 1B views and 1.1M followers on social media, he has become one of the most influential young people in the Balkans, with his comedic content.

He is signed to Bassivity Music, and performed at EXIT festival as part of the 2022 Bassivity Showcase. He actively collaborates with other influencers and musicians from the region, including MC Stojan, Gastozz and Coby. As an artist, he has numerous hits including 'Vegan' and 'Kilo Belog'.

He was named Influencer of the Year by WannaBe magazine and together with Kusturica was an interviewer at the Vivaldi Forum in Drvengrad. In 2022 he hosted the biggest talent show of that year - the IDJ Show (created by IDJ Videos).

He is one of three hosts on the popular and edgy podcast, Voštcast.

He has worked on successful campaigns for numerous global and regional brands such as Dorritos, Smoki, Planet of Plants, Buzz and Booster.Coming soon... new album.